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Matt Guida first became passionate about his own ancestry at a young age after reading a book called "Looking Back" that was authored by his great-uncle. The story recounted the impact of connecting with previous generations, and sparked in Matt a curiosity about the other branches of his family tree. In sixth grade for a family research project, he loved hearing his Nana's stories about family members he never met who had such an impact on his own life before it even began. 


Matt started genealogical consulting for friends and family in his early 20s, and now has over 15 years of formal experience researching family history. He has built out his own family tree up to 15 generations and including almost 22,000 people. He has traced his own ancestors to Sicily, England, France, Germany and Ireland. Matt has been recognized as an Italian Citizen via Jure Sanguinis and will soon be a member of the Sons of Italy, as well as the Sons of the American Revolution. Matt is a member of the New England Historical Genealogical Society.

Matt is compelled by the idea of helping family stories live on. He has now helped hundreds of people research their family trees, discover hidden family stories, and gain citizenship through their genealogy. He lives in Maine with his wife and artist-in-residence, Colleen, their two young children, and too many rescue dogs.

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